Rules of the fair “Gent Militaria” - 2019


Gent Militaria is a fair for buying, trading and selling militaria or military antiques. The fair takes place in Flanders Expo – hall 2, Maaltekouter, BE-9051 Ghent, Belgium, every first weekend of december.


Participating in Gent Militaria is only possible after receipt of the booking form and after payment on BNP Paribas KBC IBAN BE 54 4034 1468 7197 of Dipro EVENTS mentioning your name.

After booking you receive a payment invitation by mail. Please do not pay until you receive our payment invitation. Payment must be made within 30 days after sending the payment invitation. You will receive an invoice after your payment.

Note: your participation is only final after payment. If you have reserved, but not paid on time, the reservation will be cancelled.


Cancellation is possible up tot 30 days before the fair. The costs for this are 20 Euro. If cancelled after the 30th day prior to the fair, no more refund possible.


Stands will be reserved for repeat booking until 1 september. Thereafter stands will be allocated as available.


The organization has the right to refuse any booking and this without statement of motive.


Prices include VAT.


There are 2 types of stands:

- stands on table. Price is 15 Euro per metre.

- 3 x 3 metre stands on the ground. Price is 84 Euro per stand. Tables can be rented and cost 7 Euro per table. In case of loss or damage to a table or material we ask for compensation.

Chairs can be rented at 3 Euro.


Wristbands are obligatory for all stallholders and their assistants and can be collected in the foyer in hall 2. 1 wristband per 6 metres on table or 3 x 3 metre stand and 1 car park ticket per stallholder are included. Additional wristbands cost 10 Euro. There is free entrance for all kids -12 years. No wristband = no entry. Additional car park tickets cost 10 Euro. Use of toilet facilities is free for the stallholders and their assistants.


Stallholders can set up their stand on Saturday from 2 p.m. till 6 p.m. and on Sunday from 6 a.m. till 9 a.m. They can drive in hall 2 through gates 23, 24 and 25.

- Saturday: after 5 p.m. vehicles will no longer be allowed to enter the market hall. All vehicles should have left the market hall at the latest by 5.30 p.m.

- Sunday: after 8 a.m. vehicles will no longer be allowed to enter the market hall. All vehicles should have left the market hall at the latest by 8.30 a.m.

Vehicles must be placed on the car park for the stallholders. No parking between the market halls.


Clearing your stand is allowed from 4 p.m.


All stallholders should have left the market hall on Saturday at 6 p.m. and on Sunday at 6 p.m. at the latest.


The fair is open to the public from 9 a.m. till 4 p.m. Entrance fee is 6 Euro. There is free entrance for all kids -12 years. A car park ticket costs 5 Euro.


Stallholders are expected to help maintain the market hall in a clean and tidy condition and their rubbish should be placed in the dustbins.


Only militaria or military antiques and (parts of) military vehicles qualify for taking part in Gent Militaria.

15. Weapons:

Next category of weapons is permitted at the fair: arms on free sale.

Old empty war ammunition above .50 and ordnance such as grenades and mines, are no longer allowed on militaria fairs in Belgium. Empty shells above .50 are still allowed, if immediately visually can be established that they are empty.

Flare- and slaughterguns are no longer allowed on militaria fairs in Belgium.

Magazines for firearms are no longer admitted on Belgian Militaria Fairs.

Since the entry into force of the Royal Decree of 21/05/2013 as regards the old military weapons and ammunition, a distinction must be made between the so-called portable firearms and heavy military equipment, that, by definition, is forbidden, unless it was demilitarized.

"Portable" firearms are firearms to .50.

"Portable" firearms on free sale, with their respective projectiles and munitions, insofar as they cannot be used for weapons subject to a licence, may be offered.

Heavy military weapons are firearms larger than .50.

Former heavy military weapons must be demilitarized and proof thereof submitted to the fair organizer. The related ammunition is always prohibited, because it cannot formally be demilitarized and because there is therefore always a possible risk of the chemical residues.

The presence of weapons subject to a license and prohibited weapons and/or ammunition on the fair will not be tolerated.


It is forbidden to sell, exchange or display any item that could lead to racial policy or xenophobia.


Every stallholder must comply with the Belgian legislation and in particular the fiscal regulations. The organization cannot be held responsible if stallholders would appear not in order in case of an eventual control.


Any commercial activity outside hall 2 of Flanders Expo is prohibited.


The organization cannot be held responsible for theft, loss of or damage to the stands or its contents, for accidents or any personal injury sustained during Gent Militaria. All damage caused by a participant or a visitor shall be repaired at his expense.

20. Minors:

Minors will only be admitted to the event when accompanied by an adult. It is forbidden to sell (parts of) arms and knifes to minors.


Pets are not allowed to enter.


As from 2006 smoking is no longer allowed inside the Flanders Expo offices and halls during the construction, the fair, the dismantling and also on your own stand. In addition, in case of fines from the proper authorities, the organization is entitled to recover all costs from the specific violator of the smoking ban.


Stallholders must not affix any items to the walls, floors or ceilings of the exhibition halls without the organization’s written permission. Any damage or cost of removal will be charged to the stallholder.


To avoid problems, after the fair the stallholders are to wait on their stand until the rented tables are picked up. Otherwise, the organization can not be held responsible for disappearances during the dismantling.


The stallholder agrees to not taking hired items with him after the fair. The missing material will be billed to the stallholder at cost.


The markings on the ground indicate the location of the various stands according to their stand numbers. Make sure you do not build your stand at a place other than the one you were assigned or outside the markings on the ground.


In case of failure to have the fair due to circumstances beyond the organization’s control, registered stallholders will not be able to claim any compensation.


All participants should abide by these rules. In case of an unforeseen situation, they are to obey instructions of the organization and security personnel. In case of a dispute, the participant will accept the final decision of the organization. Not abiding by these rules could lead to removal from Flanders Expo without the right to any indemnification. In case of a difference, the rules in Dutch apply.


All participants are required to insure their civil liability for participation in fairs.


Explosives, smoking products or in general all materials that the organization considers dangerous or which may interfere with the other participants and visitors shall not be admitted in the location. It is prohibited to hand out political printing or any other document, article or product that, according to the organization, can jeopardise the reputation and success of Gent Militaria.

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